Benefiting the American Cancer Society 


Our Mission


Watch the Red Sword Guild mission video presented at our 2015 event.

Our members and volunteers share their stories and why they give to the Red Sword Guild. 

2016 Red Sword Guild



Sandy Bridger, President 

Laurie Deatherage, President-Elect

Amy Brinley, Member at Large

Natalie Griffith, Communications

Pam Howard, Immediate Past President

Cameron Bridger, 2017 Triangle Cure Classic

     Pro-Am Golf Chair


 Susan Grady Wyche

I am a long time, proud member of the Red Sword Guild. We are our community’s biggest fundraiser for cancer research, advocacy and support of local patients. This is our cause and our passion. This very year a new cancer treatment saved my husband who was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer.


 Many of the people I love have been touched by cancer.  I lost my wonderfully loving and giving father to cancer in 1995. When I was in sixth grade my best friend lost her mother to cancer. She has an incredible father who raised them but there was always a void in their family. I believe that if her mother was alive now the treatments and medical advances we’ve made in the past 40 years would save her life.  Another close friend died of cancer in her 30s leaving two preschool children. One of my best friends recently lost her beloved sister to cancer.  All these young mothers were taken from their families. Our hope lies in finding a cure.


We of the Red Sword Guild are proud and honored to help in any and all ways we can to find a cure.  I hope you too will join us and become a part of our family of friends working for a cure for cancer.

Our History


The Red Sword Guild celebrates 20 years of partnership with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer with the 2016 Red Sword Masquerade on October 22. The continued dedication of our volunteers has made the Red Sword Guild’s signature events some of the most profitable fundraisers of their kind for the American Cancer Society, raising over $4 million since 1996.

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